Veneer Core Mix®

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Veneer Core Mix provides professionals a premium Veneer mix with maximum flexibility and customization on site. No more estimating and purchasing more than one specially pre-blended product for the whole job, simply Cement, Sand and Veneer Core Mix™. It’s unique characteristics allow for easier installation of Veneer, more open time with greater bond and flexural strength. Independent tests show Veneer Core Mix™ can provide a shear bond strength 30-40% greater than ASTM standards. This means security for project success and longevity.


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Using the same quality core ingredients we’ve also developed a pre-blended High Bond Veneer Mortar to ensure consistency and quality in an even easier to use “just add water” sanded mix. High Bond Sanded Veneer Mortar is available in 50#, 80# and 3,000# bags straight to the job-site. Install your premium veneer stone with a premium veneer mortar to ensure long lasting strength, crack and shrink resistance as well as a greater bond strength than your typical veneer mortar. Read more…

To place an order for Veneer Core Mix™ or High Bond Veneer Mortar and to discuss your project please contact us at 1-844 CORE-MIX (267-3649).