High Bond Veneer Mortar

High Bond Veneer Mortar heading

HERB-CRETE High Bond Veneer Mortar contains the same premium components as the Veneer Core Mix™ plus a multi-grade sand and type I Portland Cement. This sanded mix ensures consistency and quality from project to project. Get your order delivered in 50#, 80# or 3,000# bags directly to your construction site. Onsite training and supervision is available to all new contractors.

Tech Data Sheet

All HERB-CRETE products contain no acrylics or polymers, this provides greater breathability and helps in preventing some of the common problems found in veneer stone construction. Basalt fibers give greater flexural strength and help make all HERB-CRETE products shrink and crack resistant. Give us a call to discuss your project and ask about our warranty. (844) CORE-MIX/ (702) 906-0260