Carving Core Mix®

Carving Core Mix is a creamy, low efflorescing carvable stucco which contains all the goodness in the bag. Made of the highest quality stucco materials packaged in a way which saves on shipping and offers the greatest amount of control. Mix Carving Core Mix with the commodity products (sand, cement and water) on site tailored to your application.
– One bag of Carving Core Mix will produce 3 to 3.5 cubic feet of the finest carvable mix you’ve ever used. When added to sand and cement one 5 pound bag will make approx. 250- 350 pounds of mix.

Carving Core Mix is designed for vertical concrete carving, artistic concrete applications including faux stone, waterfalls, themed exhibits, statues and much more. Build out up to 1 1/2 inches with HerbCrete Carving Core Mix.

Use white or grey cement with any HerbCrete product for color control previously not found in the industry.

Designed specifically as a carving mix.

All HERB-CRETE mixes arrive in sealed plastic bags giving you the greatest shelf life possible.

HerbCrete carving core mix small label blue

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carving core mix moon gate 1Faux Rock Archway

carved rock wallRock Walls

carving core mix rock archwayDecorative Landscaping