Who is Herb Nordmeyer?

Herb Nordmeyer – Stucco Consultant

Herb Nordmeyer is a forensic stucco consultant.


herb nordmeyer headshotBecause of his excellent problem-solving abilities, Ed Nordmeyer, Herb’s father, was appointed head of research and development for Pozzolana, Inc., and Rio Clay Products. Ed decided he needed an education in chemistry and cement chemistry to do the job well. Herb’s mother was a chemist. Three nights per week, the kitchen table was cleaned off, and Herb’s mother taught chemistry class. Herb was told that he would be expected to fully participate. As a result, by the time Herb was 15, he had successfully completed four years of college-level chemistry. Herb could not wait to get away from cement chemistry, get a real education, and follow his passion, whatever it happened to be at the moment. A few years later, he did just that.

After teaching in a school where armed guards patrolled the halls, Herb worked for a publishing company and later worked as an environmental scientist. Within a few years, he got back into the cement chemistry field.

Soon people were claiming that he was a world-class expert in pozzolanic cements, stucco, and innovative building. Herb claims that he simply made more mistakes than everyone else in those fields and that he occasionally learned from his mistakes.

He loves to tell the story of how an attorney lost a case by asking the wrong question. Herb was testifying as an expert witness. When he listed his credentials, he mentioned that he was a member of ASTM. Hoping to discredit Herb, the plaintiff’s attorney asked, “Why does being a member of ASTM make you an expert? Anyone with $75.00 can join.”

“True,” Herb replied, “but for some reason my colleagues at ASTM elected me to the Board of Directors.”

Since retiring, Herb keeps busy consulting. He is especially in demand when problems develop on a job site. With Nolan Scheid, Herb has also formed HerbCrete, LLC, to develop, manufacture, and distribute specialty stuccos. Some of these stuccos can be carved to look like natural stone. Others can bond veneer to walls so that even seismic events will not tear them loose. Herb also spends time in Haiti where he is helping Haitian contractors produce quality concrete and build disaster-resistant homes.

In 2012, Herb published The Stucco Book–The Basics. Even if Herb was not already known as a leading authority in the field of stucco, this book would have established him as one. He anticipates publishing The Stucco Book–Forensics & Repairs in 2014 and The Stucco Book–Creative Stuccoing in 2015.  Herb is also writing The Adhered Concrete Masonry Veneer Book with Rick Garagliano. They anticipate publishing that book in 2014.

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